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The Christian Science Monitor wades into the evolution v. creation debate with a story focused on the classroom. High school science teachers are finding it more difficult to teach evolution without their students asking questions. This is a crisis according to many science teachers and teacher associations across the country. My question is – when did questions become unscientific?

Isn’t that what science is all about – questioning ideas, researching presuppositions, all in an attempt to reach truth, regardless of where that truth may lie. Many science teachers say their student’s questions are "wasting time" and "charging the atmosphere of a controversial issue." The results are "an uncomfortable atmosphere" and are "disheartening" to teachers. What everyone should do is to research and seek after the truth. Too often both sides dismiss the other side from the start. Pro-evolutionist will ignore any and all arguments from a creationist and dimiss them as relgious and unscientific. Creationist may ignore any evolution ideas because they think "science is the devil." Both sides are quick to spout off the lastest thing they have been told by those who agree with them, without taking any time to investigate the claims. Everyone needs to realize that no one has all the answers in this debate. if someone tells you they know how everything happened they are lying. It is impossible for us to know for certain everything that happened at the beginning of the universe and life on this planet. We can use all the evidence we have and come up with the best possible quess. Again both sides need to realize some things. Evolutionists must understand that close to half of America accepts and believes some form of creationism and that only 28% accept evolution. Evolutionists must also understand that there is legitimate scientific study going on in the field of intelligent design. In fact, if you took all the scientists who believed in intelligent design you would remove most of history’s most renowed scientists. Creationists must understand that just because they have a few scientists and an institute or two does not mean that creationism is on par with evolution in the scientific community yet. It took many years for Darwinian evolution to become the dominant theory. It cannot and will not be replaced in five years because you want it to be. And to the anti-science creationists out there, if the Bible is true and God is Truth, then He has nothing to worry about from science. Again, many of the founders of the different branches of sciences were Christians. They wanted to discover more about their Creator through His creation. But debate is good and healthy, what causes doubt in someone’s mind is when debate is not allowed. If something is true then it can withstand discussion of its merit. That is why both creationist and evolutionist should not be afraid of questions. If we are all after the same thing – Truth – then lets have the questions and may the right ideas win.