I did get to interview my college friend Kelly yesterday. I have the complete interview at Wardrobe Door, but here are the highlights (with responses edited for length).

Me: Did specifically a wrong turn and generally miscommunication cost you and Ron $1 million?
Kelly: Basically. I should have driven and let Ron sit in the back and read the map. He is a better navigator. He just glanced at the map before we started. There are two airports where we were at in Puerto Rico and we just headed toward the wrong one. We were only minutes behind the other teams, but them catching the plane made all the difference.

Do you think you were portrayed fairly, especially concerning the POW comment that got played and discussed so much?
They showed us fairly well and represented who we were, but they made us look more argumentative than we thought we were, especially compared to other teams. When we got home, we actually thought we had done fairly well. I actually told my mom that Ron and I had only fought one time. Then we watch the show and they show us fighting all the time, but don’t show any of the other teams. It’s like they wanted to portray me as some stubborn beauty queen or something. And as to the POW comment, we have been asked about that so much. It really just came out wrong. Honestly, Ron and I neither one remembered the comment until we saw it on TV. Some have even misinterpreted the comment as a disrespect for the military. That is the furthest thing from the truth.

What role did your faith play in your race ?
I prayed before I went on the Race and I felt like the Lord told me to go. The whole race I had my little Bible and I journaled. Sometimes when I thought I couldn’t make it, I would just go back to the Word and He got me through it. I would just think “What am I going to do?” but I just clung to my foundations and knew that no matter what, win or lose, God was in control.

Is there a specific verse that helped you during this time?
There were so many things, but my life verse, Jeremiah 29:11 is one that always comes to mind. I just relied on the fact that God had a plan for me and He was going to take care of me. Also, Proverbs 3:5-6 that talks about believing that God will direct your paths.

Do you have any future plans in television?
A lot of my friends have joked that the Bachelorette will be calling or something like that, but I just want an opportunity open doors, like I had with the Miss South Carolina title. I want open doors to share my faith, to share my overcoming learning disabilities, to even share all of the things that God showed me during the Amazing Race. God showed me some unbelieveable things. I love television, but I am wide open as to where I go from here. I am just praying and seeing where God wants to take me.