The AP is reporting that someone defaced what has become known as the Chicago Virgin Mary.

Victor Gonzalez of Chicago has been charged with criminal damage to state supported property. According to police, witnesses saw him painting "Big Lie" over the stain under an expressway that thousands have come to see believing it to be an image of Mary.

The site of the stain has seen thousands from the faithful Catholics bringing candles and flowers to the curious to see what all the fuss was about.

I don’t agree with what Gonzalez did, but this has long been one of my biggests questions about Catholicism – why the insistence on seeing Mary in everything?

Who could forget the Mary in piece of toast bringing almost $30,000 on Ebay?

There was Mary in a hospital window and countless other times and places where supposed images of Mary appeared and thousands flocked to see.

All these things strike me as a bit odd. I am speaking from almost total ignorance and that is why I am asking. What is the significance of a stain under a highway or a piece of toast resembling (sort of) what Mary may have looked like?

I don’t see anything in the Scriptures that tell us to go out and search for Mary (or even Jesus) in our breakfast. My thoughts are I will know Jesus when I see Him and it won’t be in a bowl of cereal or in a window.

If someone out there is a Catholic or at least understands what is going on in all these situations, please explain it to me. Because as of now, I might not agree with Gonzalez’s actions or even his lack of concern for the beliefs of others, but I tend to agree with his sentiments.