for they shall inherit wads of cash.

If only I had invested more money in Papal trading cards instead of athlete trading cards, I could be writting this to you on a beach in Hawaii on my full equipped Powerbook G4.

It seems Pope trading cards are the way to go. The John Paul II trading card in a set of cards produced by Topps is selling for over $8,000.

The Topps series also includes other historical figures, but their cards are trading for a mere $3,000.

I remember being excited when some of my cards cleared $25 and elated when they reached $100.

I’m not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing.

People often complain about how we idolize athletes and celebrities, so maybe it is poetic justice that a card of an elderly religious man tops all the other cards.

But it is also slightly odd, that 1) Topps makes historical figures cards, including popes 2) those cards have a duplicated engraved signature on them and 3) people are profiting off the death of man because they happened to have a piece of cardboard with his picture on it.

Regardless of any and all ethical and moral quandries, I will still love to have one of those cards. Well, better yet I would love to have had one of those cards before I sold it for $8,100.