Rarely have I heard the conservative viewpoint expressed so clearly and passionately as Alan Alda did on Sunday night. Yes, that Alan Alda.

Of course it had to be fake.

Alda was portraying Republican presidential candidate Arnold Vinick who was debating Democratic rivil, Matt Santos (played by Jimmy Smits) on NBC’s “West Wing.”

Alda, a well-known liberal activist, made some rousing conservative points (a conservative politician would be smart to hire whoever wrote his lines.) He promoted drilling in ANWR by asking the audience to clap if they had ever been there. Silence. He said, why shouldn’t we drill in a place that only a few rich people ever see. Why should we protect caribou from having to look at oil wells?

The best line of the night was about jobs. The democrat promised a million jobs would be created in his first term. The moderator asked Alda’ s character how many jobs he would create? “None,” he replied. “Entrepreneurs create jobs. Business creates jobs. The president’s job is to get out of the way.”

If we would only have lines like that in a presidential debate, I could really get excited about a Republican candidate.