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SERIES: Scrupulosity

This series is made up of the following articles: Scrupulosity 1 – How Catholicism and Arminianism Obscure the Gospel and Create Neuroses Scrupulosity 2 – How Sola Fide Solves the Problem Created by Works-based Theology Scrupulosity 3 – How to escape the bondage of Catholic


Sanctification: Now, at death, in purgatory, or ongoing for eternity?

I am currently reading Dr. Jerry Walls’ book on purgatory (for Protestants!) entitled Purgatory: The Logic of Total Transformation, and one important question he addresses is, “Is purgatory for the purpose of satisfaction or sanctification?” Satisfaction, meaning paying for one’s sins, is rejected by Protestants since

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Mother Teresa’s sadness

This is a fantastic piece by Fred Sanders called Why Was Mother Teresa Sad?. It’s well worth a read in the midst of the the Mother-Teresa-lost-her-faith talking point. Listen to this Post Voice-over by TTSEngine.com