Mike Huckabee continues to be one of the harder to define candidates of the 2008 race (one of the reasons, I can’t fully support or ignore him). A LA Times article says that Huckabee drinks “a different kind of Jesus juice” than the normal conservative Republican.

Get Religion theorizes that the reason behind the difference may be the Southern Baptist pastor turned Governor of Arkansas turned GOP Presidential candidate du jour is heavily influenced by Catholic Social Thought.

The evidence is compelling. While Huckabee is solidly in line with his fellow conservative GOP’ers with the issues of abortion and gay marriage, he strays somewhat (how much depends on who you ask) from the established conservative positions on taxes, immigration and government benefits for the poor and middle class. In general, Huckabee seems to see a much larger role for the government than do most conservative Republicans.

All of those things are in line with traditional Catholic political thought, more so than the current evangelical thinking. Which begs the ultimate question: Who’s more Catholic – Rudy or Huckabee?