With the recent Huckabee surge in Iowa, Mitt Romney has decided to give “THE SPEECH” discussing his LDS faith. Just as their is no consensus among Romney’s advisors over whether this is a good idea or not, there is a wide variety of opinions in the blogosphere.

David Frum, NRO, called it “a big and possibly disastrous error.”

Mark Halperin, TIME, concludes “it is rare that there are big, emotional campaign moments. This speech, however, will be just that.”

Elizabeth Holmes, WSJ, tells us to not “expect to hear a lecture on Mormonism 101.”

Hugh Hewitt, said, “The Romney plan continues to roll out.” [As an aside, I respect Hewitt as a blogger, author, talkshow host, political pundit and as an evangelical Christian, but his support for Romney has clouded his posting lately, with everything being basically spin for the Romney campaign. There is no way this is part of their plan, they just said a couple of weeks ago that they weren’t going to do this speech during the primarires. Every post is either “look at how wonderful Romeny is and how peachy everything is going for him” or “this other GOP candidate is horrible on every issue, but Mitt Romney – now there’s a great Republican.” I understand that he is a Romney man, but at least try to be objective somewhat.]

As further evidence that Hugh is spinning, his co-blogger Patrick Ruffini called the speech “relatively unexpected.”

GetReligion has a lot of the initial news coverage.