Being an evangelical Christian, I’m all for issues of faith being discussed in the public arena. However that does not mean that my vote for president will be determined by what a candidate believes about women pastors or their interpretation of the book of Genesis.

I’m not sure exactly of what it is indicative, but it seems the most obvious explanation is that the media have no idea what questions (and answers) are important to evangelical voters.

Either the media is trying to play gotcha with candidates of faith (well, GOP candidates of faith) like Romney and Huckabee or they are completely ignorant of the issues that resonate with the faith-based voter.

I suppose one could argue that this is simply another media game of trap the GOP candidate into offending some potential voters, but I think it fits more in line with the recent CNN/YouTube debate (leaving the whole Democratic plant issue aside).

CNN seems to think that Republican and Christian voters care whether each GOP candidate believes every word of the King James Bible as much or more than they care about issues of taxation, government spending, immigration, the war, etc.

I’m much more concerned about Huckabee’s record on immigration than if he approves of women pastors in a Baptist church. I’d much rather see Romney defend his flip-flops than his faith.

It’s not a question of too much faith, but a question of exactly what faith is. My faith is not limited to what I believe should happen in a church or my thoughts on the Bible. What I believe informs all of the issues, including taxes, spending, immigration, war, social issues and every thing else that comes up in a political campaign.

Seeing how as President Huckabee wouldn’t be appointing any pastors be they men or women and Romney wouldn’t be giving a scientific lecture on intelligent design, creationism and evolution, I can more about how their faith guides them in decisions relevant to the office of US President.