Recently a major presidential candidate (who’s leading in Iowa actually) came through my home state of South Carolina on a “three-city gospel concert series.” One of the Christian musicians that was part of the tour told the crowd: “… the greatest change a person can have is not in politics. There is only one King.” All of that was part of his “40 Days of Faith and Family” grass roots effort. He also spoke at a church in Greenville, SC where he asked the congregation to “pray that I can be an instrument of God” in the 2008 elections.

Of course I’m talking about former Southern Baptist pastor and Republican candidate Mike Huckabee, who…oh wait, no I’m sorry that’s actually Barack Obama who went on a “Gospel tour.” As Michelle Malkin asks, “Where are all the theocracy alarmists now?”

As she said, “When a Democrat politician stumps at a church, it’s ‘minority outreach.’ When a Republican politician stumps at a church, it’s a theocratic outrage.”