Here’s another interesting take on how Mitt Romney’s faith plays into the election and how the media are struggling in knowing how to handle the issues involved.

…I think a lot of people seem confused that voters might have one set of views about Mormonism and a completely separate set of views about Romney. Let me spell this out. A voter could be Mormon but support, say, Dennis Kucinich for President. A voter could think Mormonism was the most false religion ever and be the chair of the Alabama Republicans for Romney campaign. A Methodist voter could generally like Mormons and Mormonism but not like Romney. I could go on but the point seems so obvious.

This failure to understand the extremely common situation of a voter opposing a candidate’s religion while supporting a candidate plagues much coverage of the Romney campaign. Now don’t get me wrong: many voters have indicated they’d be less likely to vote for a candidate who is Mormon. But it’s nowhere near a majority. Even among white evangelicals, only about one-third express problems with voting for a Mormon candidate.

The media needs to quickly learn how to handle these issues as it appears Romney is around to stay.