Of course all the major candidates have their own websites and “blogs,” but the real interesting thing is to see which established bloggers are campaigning for candidates on their sites.

This is purely the GOP side of the debate because I honestly don’t care about the Democratic primary. It is also heavly skewed toward evangelical bloggers (though not entirely) because again that’s what I care about. If you have others for any GOP or Democratic candidate, feel free to put them in the comments. I’ll try to add them to the post.

Rudy Giuliani: He has, obviously enough, picked up support from socially liberal, Northeastern Republican bloggers – Allahpundit from HotAir and Ace from Ace of Spades. On the religious side, Anchoress is backing him.

Mitt Romney: Much of the establishment conservatives are supporting Mitt. Talk show host/blogger/evangelical Hugh Hewitt has been solidly a Mitt-man for awhile. Most of the editors at National Review Online are as well. Mitt also has evangelical professor John Mark Reynolds of Scriptorium Daily.

Fred Thompson: He has a wide variety of blogger support (although not as much as he had before he began actually campaigning) from the ‘Bama based My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy and NYC’s Alarming News. He also has some solid evangelical support from The Christian Politico and others.

Mike Huckabee: His blogosphere support has picked up mirroring his national rise. Early on he picked off Blogs for Fred co-founder Joe Carter of Evangelical Outpost (who has now taken a leave of absence from his job to work for the campaign). He also has Matt Lee Anderson from Mere Orthodoxy. I don’t know if this is quite as valuable as Mitt’s evangelicals, but Huckabee has Latter Day Saints [Mormons] for Huckabee – interesting. As Huckabee continues to impress, his blogosphere support will rise.

Ron Paul: This man has unbelievable netroots support. The man raised a record breaking amount of money online. However, many of those giving to him and supporting him are conspiracy theorists and some so close to the left wing of the Democratic party I wouldn’t know the difference. He does have many federalists and states rights bloggers who support him like Joshua Clayborn of In the Agora.

At this point Ron Paul barely matters, but Tom Tancredo and Duncan Hunter don’t. They have no traction in any state or national poll to go along with no money. I’m sure they have their blog supporters, but they have no bearing at all on the nomination process.

Again, if you know of any other bloggers that support candidates post them in the comments. Feel free to link to both Conservative and Liberal bloggers who back candidates from either side of the aisle. The more information we have about all of our choices the better – just don’t count on me pulling the lever for any of the Democrats. I don’t count on many of you voting GOP this election.