The biggest question is not whether evangelicals will support Romney if he is the nominee (they will), the question is whether they will support Giuliani (I’m not sure). One thing I do know: this should help.

Talking to Neil Cavuto on Fox News yesterday Giuliani had nothing but good things to say about Mike Huckabee:

I don’t know about running mates, but I sure like having him at the debates, because he makes me laugh. … And he has got a nice approach to life. You know, he is a man that is — he has got a happy approach and he has got an optimistic approach to life. And then I — you know, I have great respect for him.

To me, this would make a perfect GOP ticket politically (not my perfect ticket mind you). You have the tough-talking, hard-nosed New York mayor, who has the support of the business minded Republicans and the war hawks, but struggles with the social-cons, with the best debater, orator in the field, the folksy Southern Baptist preacher, who can wrap up the social conservatives, but is struggling to impress or woo the fiscal conservatives.

I am assuming that Wall Street Republicans would have no problem with Huckabee on the bottom half of the ticket (is this correct?). For social conservatives – would this be enough to make Giuliani palpable? Does this indicate a hat tip of sorts to our side, demonstrating his willingness to appoint judges and high-level officials from our perspective? I think it does and I believe this is Giuliani’s best and only play in attempting to garner votes from evangelical Christians should he win the nomination.