Rev. Al Sharpton and his National Action Network know how to take a simple situation and explode it into some race-based “tragedy” while exploit it and the community they claims to represent in order to garner more attention (and money) for themselves. Their latest stunt finds him involved with a protest rally in support of a formerly-suspended, now-benched high school quarterback.

The NAN is organizing a protest in support of Zycorrian Robinson, who was suspended at the beginning of the season because the coaches said he violated team rules by quitting and then attempting to rejoin the team. The suspension which was for Robinson’s entire senior season was reduced by the school district (?) to four games. In a shocker, Robinson, whose family is filing assault charges against the head coach, has not played since the suspension ended.

NAN has several rallies planned and wants to make sure the community shows out to express their outrage at the school district, high school and the head coach and also for the chance to win free Charlotte Bobcat tickets.

[John] Barnett [head of NAN’s SC chapter] said he might be able to give free NBA tickets to students who turn out in support of Robinson, and he’s also asking students to boycott Friday’s home game against Dorman if Zycorrian still doesn’t get to play.

Can someone show me how that’s anything but ginning up people and high school students for a protest? Barnett doesn’t even have to actually deliver on his promise. He just hints that there might be some free NBA tickets if you show up wearing your Bobcats gear and are holding the most creative sign accusing Spartanburg High School of racism.

I’m beyond sick of this and apparently so are many in the African-American community. Take this Jason Whitlock column about the damage the hip-hop culture has done to the opportunities of black athletes in the NFL.

Race is not the determining factor when it comes to having a good or bad attitude. Culture is.

Hip hop is the dominant culture for black youth. In general, music, especially hip hop music, is rebellious for no good reason other than to make money. Rappers and rockers are not trying to fix problems. They create problems for attention.

What we’re witnessing today are purposeless, selfish acts of buffoonery. Sensible people have grown tired of it. Football people are recognizing it doesn’t contribute to a winning environment.

Whether calculated or not, the Patriots and the Colts have created settings in which Brady and Manning can lead and feel comfortable. I remember back in the 1980s when some black sports fans accused the Celtics of being racist for having a predominantly-white roster when Larry Bird was the star. No one remembered that Red Auerbach occasionally fielded an all-black starting lineup during Bill Russell’s heyday.

My point is that it makes sense to cater to your stars. And it makes even more sense to fill your roster with players who don’t mind being led, even if you sacrifice a little 40-yard dash speed.