There are tons of cool clips on YouTube that you wish you could watch someplace other than on YouTube. Now there are dozens of ways to download and view those videos at your convenience.

The first step is to make sure you have Firefox. You should already have this browser anyway, but just in case you are one of the few blog readers without it – go get it.

Then download the add-on Fast Video Downloader. I tried other video downloading add-ons, but this is the only one I got to work on my Mac.

After you restart Firefox, the add-on will be displayed as an icon on the bottom of your Firefox window. Go to YouTube or any other video sharing site. Once the video you want to download as completely loaded on the site, you can click the icon and it will allow you to download the video.

The video will come in a .flv (Flash) format, which doesn’t help you view it and carry it with you very much, but there are tons of free and paid-for converters out there to get past this hurdle. Obviously, the ones you pay for are going to have more features and more than likely produce a higher quality video for you.

The most popular ones for PC are Riva and SUPER. For us Mac users, try iSquint. Here are some others and you can simply Google the topic and get dozens more.