Thankfully, I’ve found a laptop to borrow and some wireless internet (although I keep getting error messages when I try to post). So, like it or not I will get to share my thoughts about the SBC annual meeting.

It starts tonight, but I’ve already been in San Antonio since midday yesterday.

San Antonio has a very distinctive style with a nice mix of old and new. Downtown is extremely wide with few skyrise buildings, but lots of local flare. The river walk is interesting and probably would be romantic is it were a little less hot and crowded.

It’s odd that you can almost play "Find-the-SBC-pastor/church member" here in town. Unfortunately, many Southern Baptist have decided to not only be not of the world, but to also not be in the world. I’m sure God will bless more than one style of clothing. (Yes, I am picking on SBCers, but I can because I am one – although hopefully my sense of fashion does not scream it to the public.)

I tend to think it was more than just their style of dress in the first church that indicated to outsiders that people were Christians. Acts says that the Jewish leaders saw the intelligence with which the disciples spoke and that made them take note that they "had been with Jesus."

We went to famous TV pastor John Hagee’s Conerstone Church this morning for the early service. The message was good – a seven pointer on having the mind of a winner in his series on living to win. It was encouraging and challenging at the same time – the sign of a good sermon.

However, what impressed me the most was during the reception they do following the service for guest, he encouraged guest from the San Antonio area to get invovled in one of their 800 active small group Bible studies. He said the leaders of each group have graduated for leadership training and know how to teach God’s word to small groups and lead them to closer relationships with Jesus.

At every church, but especially at larger churches, smaller level accountability is desperately needed. It was encouraging that Pastor Hagee took that seriously enough to establish that many small groups engaged in ministry.

Tonight is the beginning of the annual meeting. I’m not sure what is going on except preaching and singing, but that should be good. I’m anxious to hear some good challenging sermons from some of the best preachers today.