While the many obvious themes have been discussed at the annual SBC meeting, one that may not be so obvious has been mentioned in almost every session – blogging. Comments have ranged the gamut from Dr. Jerry Vines preaching about the opportunities for the Gospel presentation through the blogs to Dr. Jay Strack quoting Shrek to unnamed bloggers criticizing leaders – "That’ll do donkey."

Last year seemed to bring about the emergence of the bloggers within the Southern Baptist Convention. While many of us find it hard to believe, most people don’t even know what a blog is. However, most Christian bloggers have learned from our political brethren. Bloggers may not be large in number, but most are involved directly with grassroots ministry and are able to effect change.

The issues of private prayer language, moderate alcohol use and limiting of recognized baptism by the International Mission Board, as well as the election of Dr. Frank Page as SBC President were brought out for discussion and driven in part by young leaders many of whom are voiced through blogs.

It will be interesting to see how blogs continue to shape all of culture, be it politics, entertainment and even religion. I hope and pray that Baptist fight their ever present instinct to restrain or avoid technological advancement. As Dr. Vines said, we should use blogs and any other means we can to reach the changing chariots of our culture.