The two topics that are taboo to discuss (and which fill the blog world) are complicated and controversial. People’s view of religion and politics are constantly changing, especially as the microscope goes closer.

Sen. Barack Obama will be answering lots of guestions about his faith in the coming months. His answers show the difficult side when the two taboos meet.
Are you and evangelical?
Did you attend a Muslim madrassa?

Neither of his answers should be a determining factor on whether someone votes for him or not. The questions or his answers should not be used as an attempt to slime him or his campaign. I merely was interested in the role and connection between faith and politics, especially with someone like Obama who was a diverse faith background.

UPDATE: To answer the questions, Obama has said that he does not like labels, so he is not entirely comfortable with being called an “evangelical.” He does call himself a Christian, though. He also denies going to a madrassa school. Other sources have said that the school was not and has never been a madrassa. Insight is still sticking with their story (sort-of). They say the story was about Hillary’s camp leaking the information and they are glad CNN investigated and debunked the claims.

Clarification: The original headline was, “Obama the madrassa-educated evangelical?”

The post also ended after the questions, but to calm nerves and fears I felt it was best to change the post. I hope this clarification helps.

UPDATE 2: The whole madrassa thing keeps getting stranger – the story behind the story, not the actual “facts” of the report. It should be clear to anyone that Obama was not educated in a terrorist-type Muslim school, however Obama’s aides continue to send out memos denying the story. Hotline gives three reasons explaining why. Allahpundit adds one (scroll to the bottom).

UPDATE 3: Just in case anyone is confused, I do not think Obama was educated at a madrassa, nor do I think it is a vital issue for the 2008 election. Whoever leaked this information, for whatever reason, was wrong to do so. It is typical politics from both sides, but it should not be acceptable politics. To set the record straight Sen. Barack Obama has denied his Indonesian school was religious at all, much less radically Muslim.