Looks like self-proclaimed ex-gay and supposed youth minister Donnie Davies is making waves with his antics, so outrageous that people are still wondering if it’s all an evil parody.  After seeing his music video The Bible Says, in which he "lovingly" and sweetly sings "God hates fags, and if you’re a fag, he hates you too", I’d say it’s a hoax.  If this guy is serious and not a parody, he is spiritually sick, and will have to spend years recovering from whatever still warps his soul.  And if a parody, it’s also tasteless, but I’m sure someone will get a kick of out it, esp. if it is poking fun at the ex-gay movement.

I mean, check out these lyrics:

Give me strength to fight temptation
Lord lead me to your salvation
The Bible says as plain as day
With a man you shall not lay

Lord you are my strength
Fill me with your love
Help me fight these feelings
And help me rise above

Lord help them hear me
And make clear my voice
Cause being gay
Is nothing but a choice

God hates a fag
God hates fags
God hates fags
If you’re a fag, he hates you too.

Read the bible and you’ll be sure
To enter heaven, there’s no back door
Righteous man, get on your knees
There lies no virtue in Sodomy

Lord you are my shield
Stay me through the fight
A shelter from the urges
And help me see the light
You filty sinners should just let me be
Because Jesus my savior
Is the only man for me

Now, ex-gay therapist Dr. Warren Throckmorton has been in contact with Davies, and their conversation looks like this:

Dr. T: “I cannot tell if you mean your song as a parody or not. Could you please explain?”


“No, no Sir. We’re very serious. We made the video for
serious reasons. Some people seem to think it is funny. I guess we can
understand that but what’s been happening in this country isn’t funny
unless you have a really dark sense of humor.

If have to have people in authority, we think they have to be
trustworthy and honest. We hate what homosexuals liar like Ted Haggard,
John Paulk and Mark Foley are doing. We hope that our song can help
just a little bit to run sick creeps like that out of town on a rail.
We hope people will learn that they can’t trust people so easily.”

Throckmorton goes on to say why he thinks this is a hoax, and not real

It is either stunningly hateful or stunningly well done. And one
indicator is how many people are throwing up their hands and saying, I

One thing today that made me think it might be a hoax is the fact
that I cannot find any history of the and The Evening Service. Their
website says they have been together in the Houston area for a long
time and they do not show up on the Internet anywhere that I can find.
Indie bands tend to promote on the net and I see nothing from them.
Point for the parody theory.