At least that is what I wish God would tell Pat Robertson or maybe Pat just needs to listen a little harder. Here is his latest “word from God.”

In the story, CNN goes through many of the numerous predictions from Robertson – most of which were clearly false.

Here is last year’s prophecy:

Bush is going to strengthen in 2006. The fall elections will be inconclusive, but the outcome of the war and the success of the economy will leave Republicans in charge…. And Alito is gonna get confirmed. I believe another liberal judge is going to retire, step down from the Court; we’ll have another opening there. The war in Iraq is going to come to a successful conclusion, and we’ll begin withdrawing troops before the end of the year.

He explained away the bad ones by saying, “I have a relatively good track record. Sometimes I miss.”

While Robertson has been busy getting his words from God, perhaps he should read the word of God. It doesn’t say anything about the measuring stick for a prophet being a “good track record.”

He does believe in the death penalty doesn’t he?