Imagine the furor if the Republicans had asked a major evangelical leader to deliever their weekly radio address. Howls of “Seperation of church and state! Seperation of church and state!” would be heard from Berkley to Boston.

But apparently no one really minds when the Democrats do the

Rev. Jim Wallis wanted to be “clear” that he is not speaking for the Democratic Party, as he gave the Democrats’ weekly radio address at the request of Democratic Sen. Harry Reid “in the spirit of bipartisanship.” By all means.

No see, bipartisanship is when Rick Warren gets a Democrat and a Republican to speak out about the issue of AIDS. This is partisanship on the part of two people who agree on virtually every issue in conflict with their professed faith (Wallis being an evangelical Christian and Reid being a Mormon).

Wallis continues to assert himself as a non-partisan evangelical figure, unlike Dr. Dobson or others on the right. But it is clear that Wallis is simply the left’s version of Dobson. He speaks on behalf of Democratic party issues. He does rallies at Washington against Republican policies. He even, going well beyond Dobson, served as a spokesperson for the party by giving the radio address.

Jim Wallis can campaign for the issues that he cares about just like anyone else. He can be a Christian and a Democrat. What he can’t be is a Christian, a Democratic spokesperson and a non-partisan commentator looking to bring the nation to “a moral center.”