I meant to do this Friday, but I didn’t have the time. Thank you to all of our nation’s veterans. Thank you all all of those who served and didn’t come home, dying for our freedoms. Thank you to those who served and came home to a thankful family. Thank you to those who are serving our nation right now. Thank you to those are in harm’s way defending my freedom to write this today. Thank you to all the men and women in uniform who represent the best and brightest of our nation.

My dad served in the Navy Seabees in Vietnam. So without a doubt, he is my favorite veteran. I have four friends in the military now. One of which is serving in Iraq right now – thanks “Biscuit”! My best friend from high school is somewhere with the Air Force right now – last I heard Las Vegas, but he may be shipped out. My wife’s best friend is in the National Guard. She recently returned from Iraq and is currently in Italy. My wife’s cousin is in Iraq as an MP and has been there for some time. I know Cineaste’s brother is also serving in Iraq. So thanks to him for his sacrifice as well.

Would anyone else like to thank a veteran or a current member of the military? This is something that can be removed from politics and policy. We can all agree that we owe our freedoms to those who have served and are serving our nation in the military.