A recent comment by Cineaste in an old post about presidential contenders piqued my interest.

To all you who are supporting and longing for a presidential run by Sen. Barak Obama, I have but one question – why?

I have nothing personally against the senator. I think he is one of the more respectable Democrats in the Senate, but he has also yet to do anything noteworthy as a Congressman or Senator.

He is charismatic with leadership skills, but he has yet to use those to accomplish anything of significance. One could argue that because of his life story, his election to the Senate is a huge accomplishment. I would argee with you to a certain extent, but there are numerous others who have risen from similar straits to the political heights. Do each of these deserve to be President as well?

I can be convinced that he is a good candidate for the Democrats. I just want someone to list his accomplishments or even his stances on many issues. Why should he be anything more than a popular freshman Senator?

My contention is that he is such a media darling and Presidential candidate simply because he is such an unknown. Everyone feels comfortable with him because they feel like he is part of them. Once he is forced to take strong stances on controversial issues, his popularity will suffer. Charisma and eloquence will only get you so far.

But again, those of you who support Obama for president convince me he has the experience and accomplishments to be the next Democratic Presidential nominee.