For a moment imagine today’s news stories if the unthinkable had happened. What would we be discussing today if Republicans had somehow held on to control of the Senate and even the House? I would like to look at some of the possible New York Times headlines and stories.

Key races facing court challenges, recounts
Baltimore, MD – Fire up the hanging chad counters, America is headed into another period of election uncertainty, as several important Senate races remain close.
In Maryland, Democratic voters are lining up to challenge the results. Many in the inner-city of Baltimore are claiming voter intimidation and confusing ballots caused scores of minority votes to not be counted. Michael Steele was able to squeak past Ben Cardin by only a few thousand votes.
Pennsylvania voters are questioning if the electronic voting machines, manufactured by Diebold, were able to handle the influx of voters. Even before the election Democrats were questioning the ties Diebold has to the Bush administration. Many are even suggesting that the machines added Republican votes or ignored Democratic votes. Defying all odds and polls Rick Santorum was able to win reelection.
Several voting precincts in St. Louis were not allowed to stay open late after early voting problems caused long lines later in the evening. Jim Talent was one of the Republican seats that Democrats had hoped to pick up.
Democrats across the county have vowed to fight until every vote is counted. “We were robbed in Florida in 2000 and Ohio in 2004. We refuse to let this happen again,” said Al Fraken, an average voter in Minnesota. Party officials say the elections will end up in court. Average voter in Michigan, Michael Moore said, “Bush is destorying our nation. Our civil liberties mean nothing to him. Citizens do not even have the right to vote anymore.”
Despite the uncertainty of the outcome, one thing is for certain – it will be a long time before we know who controls the United States Senate.

Contrast the Democratic response in 2000, 2004 and basically every election they lost, with how the Republicans are going about this election. If the Democrats loose it must be that Republicans cheated. It wasn’t just the bloggers say such things, it was (and is) elected officials saying that. Nancy Pelosi even laid the ground work before the election.

Today, we find that Republican senators have simply allowed the process to take place and then conceeded. No one screamed for court challenges. No one yelled about how the Democrats are taking away the voting rights of Republican demographics. No one is blaming the ballots or the machines.

Why is it only when Democrats lose that “voting irregularities take place? Why are the only races that need to be challenged in courts times when a Republican won?

Despite elections, public unhappy with Republicans, war
Cedar Falls, IA – While the make-up of the Congress did not radically change, exit polls show that voters were not happy with President Bush, the Republican Congress or the War in Iraq.
They expressed disappointment with the direction the nation is headed. Voters across the country said loud and clear, they wanted a new course in Iraq and in the domestic policies of the Bush Administration.
Independent political analyst Howard Dean agreed. “It is obvious the public wants to pursue a change in the way we address issues such as Iraq, North Korea, Iran, Syria, Afghanistan, Darfur, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Mongolia, Botswana, Liechtenstein, YYEEEAAAAAHHH,” said Dean.

Notice today that the election was a vote of no confidence for Bush and his policies. I didn’t see his name on my ballot. Regardless, do you honestly think the media would praise him if the Republicans won? Did they praise him and his policies when Republicans won?

Positive numbers belie weak economy
New York City, NY – Despite a surging, record-breaking stock market, historic low unemployment and increasing wages, American citizens woke up after the elections to an economy that could collapse at any moment.
Every independent economic analyst agrees that the economy is on egg shells and could crash hard at any time.
Even nonpartisan economic watchdogs like George Soros see a rough landing on the horizon. “It is clear that the current policies will cause an economic downturn,” said Soros. “It may be next year or the next or 10 years from now, possibly even 50, but we can be certain that when it does happen the election in 2006 was the root cause of the problems.”

As Ace points out today, maybe we can finally get some news coverage of the roaring economy now that the media can magically give the Democrats some type of credit for merely existing when the economy was going through the roof.