Could Reggie Bush lose his Heisman? Would USC’s national championship be stripped? It may happen if the allegations that Bush took more than $100,000 before he turned pro.

I don’t know how much this would impact Bush personally. He is already earning millions of dollars playing for the New Orleans Saints. How much does a college trophy mean to a professional athlete?

This could be devestating for his alma mater though. Southern Cal could be fined, barred from future bowl games and even have every win, in which Bush played, stripped from the record book.

I hope this does not cause Reggie Bush’s life to tailspin out of control, like so many other athletes. I can’t help but two other highly touted running backs who have seen their lives implode.

Maurice Clarett thought he could leave the college game after only one year. He challenged the NFL’s draft policy, lost and has been losing chance after chance ever since. Most recently, he was arrested after he ran from police and they found three semiautomatic handguns and an automatic rifle in his SUV. This last paragraph says it all:

Clarett, scored the winning touchdown in Ohio State’s overtime win over the University of Miami in the Fiesta Bowl. Now, Clarett sits in the Franklin County jail, where his trial will begin, September 18.

If any one has wasted more chances that Clarett, it is Lawrence Phillips. After staying in trouble at Nebraska, the St. Louis Rams drafted him. They had to release him for insubordination, after he was arrested three times in 19 months. The Miami Dolphins gave him a chance – he hit a women in a nightclub. He gets another chance in NFL Europe and does so well there that the 49ers give him a shot. He continues his trouble with the law and insubordination. He had stints in the Canadian Football League and run-ins with Canadian police, as well.

Now he is looking at more than 13 years in prison after he ran over some teenage boys on a soccer field. Now why would he drive and hit young kids – he was upset that he lost a pickup game. Three of the teens were injured.

I don’t beleive Bush is the same category as this two, but I hope he can learn some lessons from them – being the best running back in the world will not overcome character defaults. If Bush is guilty, I hope he comes clean and learns from his mistakes. If not he could be sitting in a jail cell with Maurice Clarett and Lawerence Phillips. If nothing else, that prison would have a great football team.