So, for the moment at least, Katie Couric is the queen of the evening news. Apparently the women of the nation thought this was the most important moment for women ever, while at the same time being angry that Couric was put under so much added pressure for being a woman.

Me, I agree with Mary Katharine Ham. I will honor Katie and all other women, by yawning at this event as just another in a long line of accomplishments by women. I think she will do the same (liberal) job as everyone else.

She’s no different than Dan Rather, okay maybe she is different than Dan, but she’s just another person filling the ever diminishing seat of evening news anchor.

I haven’t watched yet and nothing about her taking over the role will make me more or less likely to watch the collapsing dinosaur of network news. So congrats Katie. Unfortunately for you the guys who sat in the seat before you took all the prestige out of the job.

But honestly, you aren’t helping yourself and the serious news anchor personna when your “blog” is this.