What is the most anti-semitic thing someone could do?

A) Open fire in a Jewish Center in Seattle, injurying five and killing one

B) Lobbying rockets into Jewish cities, killing innocent civilians

C) Photoshopping a Jewish politician in blackface and using Nazi terminology to talk about the politician’s volunteers

D) Claiming the way for peace in the Middle East is the destruction of all the Jews

E) Going into a drunken rant about “f-ing Jews” being in control of the world

Well according to the left and Andrew Sullivan, which may be the same thing, Mel Gibson’s idiotic statements are the worst moment for the Jewish people since the holocaust.

Here’s my comments about the whole controversy, but it seems to me we have lost any sense of proportion. Making racist statements while drunk is a bad thing, but when placed beside some of the other things actually involving life and death going on right now…why is this getting so much media attention?