As a duly noted member of the vast rightwing conspiracy, part of the evil conservative blogosphere and pawn of Karl Rove, I guess I am supposed to be aghast at the Emmys using a plane crash skit on the day a plane actually crashed killing dozens of people. My outrage should be at an all time high because Conan O’Brien said Fox News knew all about fake news the same day two Fox News employees were released by their terrorist kidnappers.  But for some reason, I’m just not appalled. Someone must have taken my digusted, horrified, offended button.

The only thing that got on my nerves at the Emmys, the parts I watched, was every time The Daily Show or The Colbert Report was nomiated or won, they played an anti-conservative bit. Granted, the pickings are slim if they wanted to show something beyond that, but they do occassionally go after liberal politicians. It would have been nice to see something that wasn’t such a nod to the audience. How ’bout a little truth to power at the Emmys?

I didn’t see the opening skit, but it was a Lost parody. What do you want them to do? Sure, they could have cut it out, but how many people actually dealing with the loss of a loved one is going to care about the Emmys.

I did see Conan’s joke about Fox News. It wasn’t funny, it has been done and done and done…, but it wasn’t really offensive. It was a good day for Fox with the release of the reporter and camera man. I don’t think an overused joke on the Emmy’s was going to concern them too much.

I thought Colbert’s bit about being in the belly of the beast was pretty funny. He may have ran it in the ground, but it worked. Jon Stewart has been running the snarky liberal bit in the ground for years and he still wins awards.

Of course, I may be giving the Emmys the benefit of the doubt since The Office and 24both won. Not that I care though. I would never watch the filth spewed forth by the demons in Hollywood. I am in no way concerned about what will happen to Jim and Pam’s relationship on The Office. I could not care less about whether Jack Bauer escapes off the boat headed toward China. I have no idea how I know that The Office will be back on Thursday, Sept. 21 at 8:30 on NBC or that the sixth season of 24 will return to Mondays in January on Fox.