Based on my Random Observation #1 (Asian food is the world’s best unifying factor), I have a solution to all of our geopolitical problems.

We establish a diplomatic meeting with Bush, Fox, Blair, Chirac, Kim Jong Il, Ahmadinejad, Hezbollah, Israel and even throw in Osama, if he will RSVP. (If we promise to bring in Whitney Houston, he may have no choice.)

While Whitney belts out I Will Always Love You and Osama stares in wonder, bring in the Asian food and watch the love fly. Fried rice makes everything better.

Jong Il and Ahmadinejad promise to stop pursuing nuclear weapons if some capatlistic Americans will open Super China Buffets in Pyongyang and Tehran. Yes, I know North Korea would have Asian food, but they don’t have the economical buffets with the wide variety of Asian and American foods.

We use an unending chaing of Japanese steak houses to seal off both the US/Mexican border and the Israel/Lebanon border. Why sneak across the border or shoot a missle if you can sit and watch a talented chef flip and catch an egg and make a fried rice volcano.

Osam no longer cares about killing the infidels. He is busy eating sweet and sour chicken and convincing Whitney how much of a jerk Bobby Brown is.

Blair and Chirac are just along for the ride and the fantastic free food. I mean Chirac had already surrendered to the plan when he walked through the door.

In this way my idea will bring about world peace and usher in the reign of world dictator and Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto.