You had to know this was coming. First Judas, now Satan.

No one is every really bad. They are simply “misunderstood.” Leave it to academia to claim the Devil himself is a victim of a centuries old misunderstanding.

Professor Henry Ansgar Kelly, a medievalist professor from California, wants to reassess our image of Satan, who he says is the victim of unfair press and groundless aspersions.

“He’s a government heavy, whose main job is to test human beings and to accuse them of their misdeeds, but he is cynical and overzealous in performing his duties,” the professor says. “We can think of an unscrupulous and feared official investigator or prosecutor, like J. Edgar Hoover or Senator Joseph McCarthy.”

He is holding “Satan seminars” to help Lucifer’s image. “Satan in the New Testament should be regarded as holding the equivalent of such positions as Prime Minister, or Attorney-General, or Head of MI5, or Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and as no more evil than many zealous holders of these positions here on Earth,” said Kelly.

No wonder we can’t call terrorists evil or condemn the murder of innocent civilians, you can’t even talk bad about Satan without academia defending him.