What is one of the greatest accomplishments in our nation’s history? Being such a relatively young nation, we have a long list of great feats. Perhaps, one of those is sending astronauts to the moon.

That was a crowning achievement for our country and for NASA, so how did NASA loose the original tapes of the Apollo moon missions.

I’m sorry – according to the NASA official in charge, the priceless tapes aren’t actually lost. He just doesn’t know where they are and no that’s not the same thing to rocket scientists.

What was broadcast to the public, the grainy video showing Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin bouncing on the moon, pales in comparrison to the quality of video that NASA “misplaced.”

“The quality … is two, three or four times better than we ever saw,” said Richard Nafzger, a senior engineer at Goddard Space Flight Center who was put in charge of the search effort. The tapes are believed to be somewhere in Goddard, but they could be somewhere else.

How do you loose that valuable a piece of history? There is no bounds to the depths of the inefficiency and ineptitude of government bureaucracies.