I don’t know what else to say, except: absolute idiots.

Unfortunately, I have had my own run-in with this type of idiotic, unbiblical, un-Christlike thoughts and behavior.

When I was in the youth, we had several black guys that were our friends who used to come to church with us. Most saw no real problem, but for others it was “tolerated.” That is until one of the guys thought about joining our church and singing in our choir.

Those that were tolerating the black kids existence, went crazy. Push came to shove at our church and fortunately sanity reigned. Our pastor would not budge on this issue, so several members left, including two or three entire families. One of those families had members at our church forever. Many had been deacons and leaders in the church, but it was unbearable for them to be in a church that would allow a black members.

So they left and we moved on. After they left our church, we experienced one of the greatest periods of growth our church has ever seen.

Unfortunately, it seems to be the opposite case with this church. The pastor and the sane members were forced to leave because the idiots won. I want to pray that God punishes this “church” so bad, but I know He will do what He has to do and that the one who needs prayer the most is the 12-year-old boy, Joe, who simply wanted to join a church after he “accepted Jesus into his heart.”

I can’t help it – “Stupid idiots, I hope you like that millstone around your neck!”