Washington Post has a neat article, Cyber-Savvy Pastors Blog When the Spirit Moves Them, dealing with pastors who blog and the impact it has on their congregations.

It is interesting how many in the emergent church have grabbed on to blogging and use it as part of the outreach ministry of the church. While pastors of more traditional churches tend to seperate their position as pastor from their blog.

Many believe the blog to be the leading force behind the next Reformation, I tend to view as simply another technology that the Christian should use to influence culture and better inform the Church.

I set up a blog the youth of my church, but haven’t really had the time to use it and implement it yet. But if that blog helps my youth know what events we have planned for this month and helps them show up – then it is a useful tool.

I guess that is how I see blogs, PowerPoint, DVD’s, etc. in the church – they are tools, nothing more, nothing less. They will not bring about a revival in and of themselves, but they can help to encourage Christians and that is all we should expect of them.