Abraham Cherrix was done with chemotherapy. The 16-year-old went through one round to combat his Hodgkin’s disease. When the cancer came back again, Abraham and his parents decided to go against the doctors’ advice and instead try an organic diet under supervision from a clinic in Mexico. That was their plan until a social worker asked a juvenile court judge to require the teen to continue conventional treatment.

On Friday, the judge ordered Abraham to report to a hospital to begin treatment and awarded social services joint custody with the parents. Yesterday, a circuit court judge suspended the original judge’s orders and set a trial date of August 16.

It is beyond aburd that the government would assume the power to force this family to undergo chemotherapy again. The family should have the right to make decisions about medical treatment without the government forcing them to obey the doctor’s suggestions.

This goes back to what I was saying yesterday about science and the medical community being the supreme authority on all matters. If it was up to me, I would take the chemo and hope it worked, but it’s not up to me or the doctor or the goverment. It is up to Abraham and his family.

Did you know a study was just concluded that told us multi-tasking while studying is a bad idea? We needed a scientific study to inform us ignorant people that watching TV or playing video games when you cram for a test is not a good study habit. Scientific knowledge is only one type of knowledge. It is not the all-incompassing truth.

But while Abraham and his parent’s are forced to go to court to make a family medical decision, Senate Democrats are fighting to continue allowing teenagers younger than Abraham to make a life-changing decision regarding an abortion without their parents knowing.

The parental notification law even allows an out for abused girls, but that is still not enough for abortion supporters. They argue from the extremes to impact everyone, saying that this may hurt girls who have abusive parents. What about the vast majority of teenagers who have loving parents? Don’t the parent’s have a right to know that their daughter is undergoing a major medical proceedure, at the very least?

So while one judge says that a 16-year-old with his parents’ consent cannot try alternative medical treatments, many want to argue that a 16-year-old without parental consent can go for an abortion. Does that make any sesne?

For more on Abraham, his family has been chronicling their fight at Abraham’s Journey.