One of the most absurd comparisons in the immigration debate has been equating a proposed US/Mexico border fence with the Berlin Wall. While indepth research and extensive subject knowledge could demonstrate the ludicrous nature of the correlation, I have neither – so I will use common sense.

One big, glarring difference makes any purported similarity pointless.

The Berlin Wall was built to keep people in. The US border wall would be to keep people out.

The quality of life was such in communist East Germany that people wanted to leave. The Berlin Wall allowed the government to hinder people fleeing to democratic West Germany.

The quality of life is such in modern-day America that Mexicans and other immigrants want to come here despite our laws. The US border wall would allow our government to better regulate who (and what) comes into our nation.

People wanted to leave East Germany. They want to come to America. That little fact tends to destroy this comparison from the beginning.

We can debate the effectiveness of the fence or any other immigration enforcement measure, but it is beyond silly to the point of recklessness or ignorance to compare a fence along the US/Mexico border to the Berlin Wall.