Rep. Jack Murtha has become the Democrats’ voice on the War in Iraq because of his decorated service as a Marine.

His status as a heroic veteran has stifled some of the criticism, but that will not hold out (see Election 2004, John Kerry), especially when you keep saying the things Murtha is saying.

Since Murtha has established his status as the anti-war Democrat by demanding we cut and run redeploy from Iraq, he has said some truly questionable things.

Before reading any of the reports, Murtha declared the Marines at Haditha executed Iraqi civilians in cold blood. He said he learned this from military commanders.

Now the defense attorney for a military commander involved with that incident who talked with Murtha said he plans on calling the representative as a witness at his client’s trial to find out exactly how Murtha got his information.

Recently, Murtha was on CNN citing Clinton’s pull-out of Somalia as a model for his proposed Iraq pull-out.

The same Somalia incident that Osama bin Laden took as proof of America’s inability to finish a fight. The same Somalia that emboldened him and other terrorists to take their fight to us, indirectly (or directly) resulting in 9/11. The same Somalia that is currently being taken over by Islamist warlords and becoming a new safe haven for al Qaeda. That’s the type of pull-out Murtha says we should model Iraq after.

He then appeared on Meet the Press to finally give his and the Democrats plan for Iraq, not simply criticisms, but an actual plan of what we should do differently.

Besides having Tim Russert bludgeon him with his own words from 2004 denouncing a pull-out and political timetable, Murtha’s “plan” fell flat. In essence, he proposed to cut and run redeploy to Okinawa, Japan. Yes, Japan.

He said that Kuwait may take our troops or Qatar (I’m not so sure after the ports deal gone bad), but we will always have Okinawa, over 4,000 miles away. (Well, maybe not.)

I wonder why that was left out of the Democrats’ Contract WithNew Direction for America,” which reads like a 7-year-old’s Christmas list. “I want no national debt, free healthcare, secure borders, evolution in every classroom, public transportation, Osama bin Laden in jail and a pony.”

The Democrats have a real chance in this fall’s elections, but not as long as they refuse to be serious about national security and the War on Terror. When Murtha’s statements are coupled with the DNC’s Vice Chair speaking about “the murder of Zarqawi” we see a party that is seems to be going after the fringe left.

Yet, they refuse to make Iraq, which was supposedly the death nail for the GOP, part of their “New Direction.” They understand that while the majority of Democrat voters may want to see America pull out now, the majority of American voters do not. It seems that, as Betsy Newmark, wrote they are trying to be the antiwar party without seeming like the antiwar party.