We must remove the temptation from our school children. Yes, we all know they may do it anyway, but we should not be promoting it in our schools. Dangerous behavior should not be supported inside the schools. We must think of the potential health dangers to the children.

They are still too young to make rational decisions about things that could be life altering and we should shelter them from it as much as possible. While we cannot control what they do at home and the choices they make away from the school building, we can control what is offered to them at school.

It is for these reasons that we will ban…soft drinks.

Why not condoms, you ask. Well, these students are mature young adults who are capable of making their own decisions. We must not shelter them. They will experience these things eventually any way, why not give them a means to do it responsibly.

We have no means to control what they are doing outside the school building. We also know that a large number of them are engaged in the activity anyway.

The health risks associated with the activity are greatly reduced if the young adults are simply educated on how to do it safely and given the means to do so. We have to trust their judgement that they know what is right for them.

After all what is the bigger risk to students – sex or soft drinks?