"World Geography" teacher Jay Bennish has been receiving threats according to his father and KMGH out of Denver. The TV stations’ story rehashes all the details from the classroom and Bennish’s appearance on the Today Show. It is not until 4/5 of the way through the story that we find out someone is has been threatened – the boy who recorded him.

While Bennish is on paid-leave promoting his story on national television, his dad is running around saying people are calling his house threatening to kill him and calling the coverage of his son’s leftwing rant "McCarthyism."

The threats were so vicious that they decided not to report them to the police. Now, if someone has called either Jay Bennish or his family and threatened them – they are morons and deserved to be locked up. But why would you not at least report them to the police?

Isn’t this the liberal spin of the initial story. The student, instead of taking his concern to the school officials, promoted the tape to "conservative media outlets." It seems like the dad may be guilty of this himself – not reporting the phone calls to the police, but telling The Detriot News all about it.

But look at the way the story reads. The headline "Teacher’s Dad Reports Death Threats." The subhead "School District Delays Decision on Bennish." The first part of the article focuses on the death threats the family has reportedly received. The next part retreads all the talking points Bennish focused on during his fawning interview with Matt Lauer.

At the very bottom of the article, we find out the student has been harassed himself by fellow students to the point where he is transferring schools. The boy doesn’t even think Bennish should be fired, just forced to teach the actual subject. He said he is ready for the controversy to end.

So while the media is portraying Bennish as the victim of the evil right-wing media, a 10th grader is being forced to transfer schools because he had the audacity to expect his teacher to actually teach the subject and not rant against Bush. The nerve of some people.