Michelle Malkin has the best most extenisve coverage on the mass protests of illegal immigrants and hispanic immigrants over the possibility of a crack down on those coming across the US/Mexican border illegally.

If you ever wonder what a large portion of those protesters want, remember that photo. Remember that the most prevelant flag was not the US flag, but the Mexican flag. Think about this one girl who decided to bring an American flag to the protest.

The caption reads: Michelle Marquez (left), a student at Lamar Middle School in Irving, was criticized for having a US flag during an immigration protest at Kiest Park in Dallas. "My heart is with the Mexican flag and Mexico but I’m standing on American ground and I’m Mexican-American," she said.

It is going to be difficult, but something must be done to stop the illegal immigration into this country. I think many conservatives are going overboard, but not accepting any type of carrot, instead wanting all stick. That will not work. You cannot round up 11 million people and drive them back to Mexico.

I think a balanced approach of building a complete wall across the border along with allowing those already here to work toward citizenship would be the best possible solution. Offer those here illegally, a chance to come forward and register. Once they register inform them that they have a probational period of 5 years where they must work, pay taxes, learn English and not get in trouble with police. Then at the end of that period, give them a citizenship test. If they meet all the requirements they are American citizens.

However, if at any time during the probational period they get arrested then they are shipped back to their home country. If they refuse to register then we use the full power of our law enforcement to capture them and send them back.

No politician wants to touch this because of their fear of alienating hispanic voters, but eventually doing the right thing must come before job security for politicians. This must be the point where they chose valor over self-protection.

Our economy and culture will collapse if nothing is done. Former immigrants assimilated into the American culture. Now, because of the mass influx of Spanish speaking immigrants, they are simply coming here and forming their own sub-culture identical to their former country. Many refuse to learn English and have forced businesses to have signs in both English and Spanish.

State governments are going bankrupt trying to paly for all the services that non-taxpaying, illegal immigrants are using. They come here and have children here – paid for by the taxpayer. Any medical needs they have are paid for by the taxpayer. The education of all their children are paid for by the taxpayer.

Hopefully, althought the mainstream media refuses to report honestly on it, these protests will cause politicians to wake up and understand the seriousness of the situation. I am afraid, however, that it will only cause them to see more potential voters to which they can pander.