Thankfully the Christian peace activists in Iraq are no longer held by Islamic terrorist. My question is why are people saying they were "released." They were rescued by a British-led military operation. Released connotates the captors freeing them, rescued better describes someone from the outside saving them.

There were no hostage takers on the scence when the military arrived, but that does not mean the terrorist let them go. Those rescued should be grateful to the military for saving their lives, but they refuse to do so. I am thakful that the military does not work because they expect a thank you, because too often they don’t get it.

I also found it interesting, how the information was obtained:

But [Maj. Gen. Rick Lynch, a U.S. military spokesman], speaking to reporters in Baghdad, said a prisoner being interrogated about the kidnapping had pinpointed the location of the hostages just three hours before the 8 a.m. rescue mission began.

Details of the rescue were scarce. Lynch said he was reluctant to discuss details because "there are other operations that continue, probably as a result of what we’re finding at this time."

Maybe interrogating, even harshly, captured terrorists is a good thing, no?