He just doesn’t get Pat’s coverage. Somehow Louis "Hitler was a very great man" Farrakhan still manages to speak with some authority to the black community. Evangelicals constantly have to denounce the latest controversial comments by Robertson or Jerry Falwell, but Farrakhan can say "America Must be Burned!" and no one bats an eye.

I don’t neccessarily mind being held to a higher standard than Farrakhan, but it seems to be some type of soft racism that the media does expect black people to renounce horribly offensive comments by their self-proclaimed leaders.

Farrakhan can gather with other hate-filled leaders and spew until his heart’s content knowing that the media would not dare question him for fear of being called racist.

The Nation of Islam leader can call Jewish people the "synagogue of Satan," controlling the Congress and taking over America.

He maintained that "those at the top, they’re on their way to hell, and if I’ve got any power, I want to push them into hell as fast as I can."

As several other places mentioned, is it not obvious that this is far more dangerous rhetoric than Robertson entertaining assassinating Hugo Chavez or insinuating God would punish Dover, PA?

Farrakhan screams about Jewish conspiracies taking over America, overturing our government and pushing our elected leaders into hell and it gets barely a whiff of media coverage.

No MSM has made mention of his call to burn America, but several weeks after the fact you can still find numerous newspapers and news sites referencing Robertson comments about Chavez.

I wouldn’t mind if they ignored all of Farrakhan’s statements. I really don’t want to hear from him, but they should do the same with Robertson and Falwell when they make an idiotic comment.

The media seems to treat the ministers differently. I wonder why they treat Farrakhan with kid gloves. I wonder why we don’t have equal treatment.