Karim Here’s a brave man.  Kareem Amer, a law student at Al Azhar (the premier Islamic University in the world), publicly criticized Islam and Islamic practices on his blog.  During the October Maharram Beh Riot, he was a bystander and watched what went on.  His bold criticism took amazing courage.

From what I have seen yesterday of the events at Maharram Beh, which were quite shameful, and have shown me more facts that they have tried to cover over the centuries.

They have indicated that Islam is a religion of peace and forgiveness, but their true face has been uncovered to show barbarism and thievery and fanaticism and not acknowledging others, and attempting to remove them from existence.

Some may think that the actions of the Moslems does not represent Islam and has no relationship with the teachings of Islam that was brought by Mohamed 14 centuries ago, but the truth is that their actions is not different from the Islamic teachings in its original form when it has urged people to deny others and hate them and kill them and take their property, things that they know well but they try to deceive people by falsely defending the teachings of Islam by extremists and they are hiding from the truth and they prefer living a lie….

The Islamic teachings that was brought by Mohammed 14 centuries ago should be faced with courage and boldness, we should expose and show its faults and warn humanity of its dangers.

His words echo those of former top graduate of Al Azhar, Dr. Mark Gabriel, who, after abandoning Islam, later found Christianity and has written many excellent books on Islam, including Islam and Terrorism.