The Republicans have done a poor job at leading this country. The Democrats could easily pick-up seats in Congress and maybe even retake the White House, but they can’t seem to stop…talking.

You can be against school vouchers and make legitimate arguments. I happen to disagree with them, but you can make them. What is not legitimate is to claim that school choice will lead to a “school of the Church of White Supremacist ” and a “School of the Jihad.”

Sen. Clinton I have a Mr. Strawman on the line for you. He says to stop using him in your arguments. You are embaressing him.

Is she that insane? Has this every happened before? Does she have any proof, beyond inflamatory rhetoric, that it will happen now?

I don’t know of any white supremacists or jihadist schools now. If they could operate under vouchers they could be operating currently. Will Sen. Clinton kindly point those schools out for me?Not to mention the fact that she sent Chelsea to a private school.

Does she honestly want to go this route, thinking she can maintain her faux-moderation? Maybe this is her trying to rally the kook base and the teacher’s union for the primary.

Regardless, whoever is advising Hillary – keep it up. We need more campaign speeches like this.