For many my opening statement will cause them to basically ignore the rest of my post. Acknowledging that sentiment – God spoke to me in a dream last night. It wasn’t a flashy thing that woke me up from my deep sleep. It wasn’t even something I noticed right away, but it was clearly there for me to learn from. God was trying to teach me how He viewed those “on the other side.” It may, or may not, suprise you.

I will tell you the dream first and then how God revealed His message to me. (This is not a fictional story; this is the actual dream I had last night.)

I was standing at a rally or signing for some pro-life piece of legislation. I do not remember the exact law, but it was a big win for those on the pro-life side. There at the rally, down from the podium where the politicians were speaking were the two crowds: pro-life and pro-choice.

I was there with some fellow pro-life advocates. We were having a good time cheering with signs supporting the new law. Beside us I saw a group of pro-choice advocates clearly disappointed and upset with the new law.

Somehow I made my way into the pro-choice group. I started having a discussion with them. Voices never got raised and it was a civil discussion, especially with one young lady off to the side. She seemed to be the leader of the pro-choice side there. She was an attractive woman, seemingly in her late 20’s, early 30’s with strawberry blonde hair.

While I was there discussing the issue with her and some other pro-choice supporters, some of them got angry at me. One ripped my sign out of my hands and crumpled it up. I made some joke and smiled at him. They looked at each other in amazement and said, “He is smiling at us even though we are insulting him.” (At that point they were calling me names and such.)

But the young lady to the side remained civil the entire time. We had a passionate, but friendly discussion of the issues and our differences. Neither one of us changed our mind, but in the short time we grew to respect one another.

As the rally drew to a close, I lost sight of the woman for a moment until I saw her walking away. I ran after her. I saw her and I said, “My name is Aaron, I never caught your name.” She called back, “My name is Priceless.” I said, “Priceless, huh? I don’t think I can forget that.”

She started walking away again. By this time I was running trying to catch up with her. Even though she was walking and I was running I could never catch up to her. I called out, “Priceless, I would really like to pray with you.” She kept walking toward her car. At this point, I was about to say, “I’m not trying to hit on you or anything. I’m married,” but I woke up right before I said that.

I was lying in bed thinking, “Wow, that was an odd dream. And Priceless, that is such a strange name.” I just kept mulling the dream over and replaying the whole thing in my mind until I was in the shower. I was praying and it hit me – “Priceless, God that is exactly how you view her and everyone else that is pro-choice. You view all the people that I view too often as enemies that way.”

I loose sight of that fact on a recurring basis. Consistently I regard someone I disagree with politically, socially or spiritually as my enemy, but that is not the case. They are not the enemy. God has told me who the real enemy is and He has told me that He views each human as priceless.

So I spent much of the drive to work praying for Priceless, if she is a real person. I prayed that God would reveal Himself to her and that she would find peace and love in Him. Then I prayed the same thing for all of the people that I encounter on a regular basis with whom I disagree.

I also want to apologize to those of you I disagree with. If I have ever made you feel less than priceless in the eyes of God I apologize. Understand that though we differ on issues and though you may not even believe in God, He still views you as priceless and seeks you, desiring a relationship with you.

You can take it or leave it for what it is worth, but understand this God considers you priceless whether you know it or not.