Using the recent Kanye West Rolling Stone cover as a jumping off point, Evangelical Outpost looks at the history of rapper’s obession with crucifixion. While many may get upset about the exploitation of Christian iconography (and they have legitimate reasons), I find ignoring those desperate for attention to be the best option.

While it is true that no one would do use Muslim iconography to promote a rap album, that is what makes Christianity different than Islam. We do not cut off the heads of people who attempt to deride us.

West’s cover is a shameful ploy by an outdated magazine, aching for someone to pay attention to it and consider it relevant. When Christians force the cover on to all the news broadcasts they are giving RS exactly what they wanted. (I mention it now only as an after-the-fact issue, looking at the responses of Christians.)

I think the person who best summed up the entire situation is William Donohue of the Catholic League:

This kind of thing has become commonplace. It’s one thing to rip off Catholic iconography. It’s quite another to exploit a poor soul like Kanye West…Anyone who is this morally and mentally challenged deserves our sympathy, not our derision.

Now that is how you talk smack. Take note rappers, if you are ever looking to challenge someone outside of the rap industry, do not step to Donohue. He has game you ain’t never seen before.