I have not seen Brokeback Mountain yet, but it has won 4 Golden Globes.  Interestingly, the movie and the surrounding issues will be debated on Larry King Live tonight.  Representing the narrow minded anti-gay bigots?  Albert Mohler, whose daily radio show I listen to via podcast almost daily.  He’s an able Christian spokesman, so it should be lively. 

I’m sure, like when I watched Angels in America, I will be both moved by sentiment and sorrow, as well as repulsed by the seemier side of gay life and practice, not to mention gay sex and romance in general (sorry, eww – but don’t feel singled out – I think anal and oral sex among heteros is gross too – call me a prude, go on, you know you want to). 

Even though I haven’t seen the movie, I have a feeling I will agree with some of the mixed reviews like these from Rotten Tomatoes:
  • "The hubbub seems more politically driven in the wake of the gay marriage debate. And an Oscar win will be pandering to that."  7M Pictures
  • "Overall, the movie is a solid, entrancing love story, but all the Oscar buzz is nowhere near justified. It’s an above-average film overpraised for its social significance." ARIZONA DAILY STAR
  • "If the filmmakers weren’t trying so hard to deny the characters’ failings (read "justifying sin"), Brokeback Mountain might have lived up to its immense reputation."  Northwest Herald
  • "Essentially, [this] is the same as most stories of lust and infidelity — two people who ‘can’t control’ their desires end up hurting others, lying, and denying responsibility for their actions."   Looking Closer    
The last reviewer, a Christian, has a very long and indepth interview worth reading.  I esp. like the following quotes, which may or not be a good interpretation, I’ll let others judge:
This is not the stuff of a "love story," no matter how many critics call it that. This is lust, pure and simple. And regardless of how Ennis feels about it, he has made promises he must uphold….
We can surely feel compassion for Jack and Ennis, grieved that they grew up in such a harsh and lonely world, where they have not seen a good model of heterosexual intimacy, where they know nothing of God, and where they thus believe they can only find fulfillment in each other. By letting their sex drives lead them, they weaken their freewill….

All of us, if we’re honest, can relate to the story of Jack and Ennis. Their story is the human story, from the Garden of Eden to The Treasure of the Sierra Madre to Hamlet to The Lord of the Rings to Grizzly Man: At one time or another, we have all transgressed… we’ve pursued something we wanted, something that wasn’t what was best for us, without regard for the consequences our actions would have on each other, on the future, and on the world around us. Human desire oversteps its bounds, we are weakened by our inappropriate appetites, and it costs us something. That’s the real story of Brokeback Mountain.