Millions of Americans, particularly children, suffer from some type of asthma. For close to 3 million, over-the-counter asthma inhalers, like Prmatene Mist, help them to breathe a little easier. But an advisory panel to the FDA doesn’t really care and has voted to essentially ban OTC inhalers.

Most people would assume this was because some health concern. The inhalers were causing cancer or something of the sort. No, they continue to improve the lives of millions of people helping them to alleviate symptoms of asthma, but they might possibly hurt the ozone.

Up until now, the inhalers had an “essential use” status that exempted them from the laws against chloroflurocarbons, which some believe cause damage to the earth’s ozone layer.

Of the 3 million who use the drug, most use it as a back-up for their prescription inhaler, but some 700,000 only use the OTC inhaler for a variety of reasons including no health insurance.

This is why I am so against the militant environmental movement. They are simply content on doing their part to pick up trash and save energy – no, they’ve got to make sure everybody else does their part and somehow suffers on behalf of “Mother Earth.”

Numerous sites, including Junk, set out to disprove much of the environmental propaganda that passes as science. But ignoring the debate of global warming and holes in the ozone, what is more important: potentially bringing about a small amount of damage to our ozone or the possibility of a child dying because of an asthma attack?

This is where the rubber meets the road for liberals and Democrats who claim to be “for the poor.” Close to a million people strictly use OTC inhalers, many because of lack of money and health insurance. What group holds more power – poor people or the environmental lobby?

Now I realize that politicians do not control the FDA and I realize the same question could be posed to conservatives and Republicans. But I can tell you which side the vast majority of conservatives (including myself) are going to come down on. I also know that we are often accused of being uncompassionate toward the poor. It is the liberals who are the defenders of the poor.

If you want to take a stand for the poor and children, why not do something worthwhile and speak out against this idiocy. I care more that my children and other children have access to medicines that may save their lives than I do about a hole in the ozone.