I gave my senator, Lindsey Graham, a lot of grief over his role in the “Gang of 14” and other things that I viewed as un-conservative.

But he has a chance to win me back and my apology, if he is successful in a new campaign of his.

Redstate has parts of a Robert Novak column that outlines a possible resurgence of fical conservatism led by none other than Lindsey Graham.

If Graham, along with my other senator, Jim DeMint, John McCain and the rest of the “Republican economy bloc” can curb spending and reverse the culture in Washington of trying to grab as much pork as possible, then he will be well on his way back in my good graces.

In fact, if he can pull this off, along with getting a strict construtionalist on the Supreme Court, then I will issue my promised apology to Sen. Graham and trust his judgment more in the future.

i would gladly be wrong this time.